1. No smoking in enclosed places (Reception - Lifts - inside buildings).
  2. It is not allowed for children to touch the lighting columns for their own safety.
  3. It is not allowed to walk or play on the green spaces.
  4. Not play the ball inside the resort.
  5. Keep the resort quiet and not disturb others and not occur noise from children after 10 pm.
  6. Last Time for maintenance work inside the units at 6 pm.
  7. Animals are not allowed in the resort and Preservation of their waste to be outside the resort.
  8. Inform the reception of the dates of travel and attendance.
  9. Inform the reception the guests' names and dates of their attendance.
  10. It is not allowed for children to use the elevators to playing alone.
  11. Non-cycling inside resort.
  12. Non-smoking shisha or drinking alcoholic beverages at the swimming pool.
  13. Please do not leave bags of rubbish in front of unit (there is a basket in front each building).
  14. Should throw waste in the trash the bottom of each umbrella.
  15. Should extinguish cigarettes in Ashtray the bottom of each umbrella.
  16. Owners are responsible for their personal belongings while they were on the swimming pools.
  17. If there is a problem between owners and others please go to the reception without direct contact.


  1. Times of the descent of swimming pools from 10 am to 6 pm.
  2. Its Prohibited to descent of the swimming pool to non-residents in the resort.
  3. Wear the special clothes for the swimming pool and Ladies should be linked to their hair
  4. Children must descent swimming pool which allocated to them under the responsibility of their parents.
  5. It is not allowed to descent the swimming pool for anyone who is untrained.
  6. Its strictly prohibited for animals to descent swimming pool.
  7. Please maintain the cleanliness of swimming pool.